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Casa SuccoAcido is a project by Edizioni De Dieux which aims to transform the publishing house location into a project space hosting activities like workshops, courses, seminars, holistic activities and our bed & breakfast, a residence among nature and culture.

Casa SuccoAcido is situated between Palermo and Monreale (14 km), in a nice and natural, wood surrounded place called Giacalone. From the house you will enjoy a special lanscape extending from the mountains looming over Palermo to the sea line and Aeolian Islands.

Our location is the best able to organize rehearsal, weekly stages, specific projects by renting our project room.
We will communicate with periodical newsletter and posts on this blog, the next activities of SuccoAcido house. The activities may be staged both inside the house, and outside, in the equipped garden.
The property has guest rooms for b & b guests and guests who are invited to stay in the residence for specific activities promoted by the magazine.